Tips for using video

mark luckie

Mark S. Luckie

Some highly useful tips for capturing video are laid out in Chapter Seven of The Digital Journalist’s Handbook by Mark S. Luckie.  He points out that as with photographers, videographers should abide by the rule of thirds. Well-framed shots are essential in any medium.

Luckie also wisely stresses the importance of good preparation: storyboarding, testing light and audio levels, always paying attention to your framing before shooting, etc.

The subject of interviewing is also covered and given the consideration it deserves. Interviewing is a delicate issue because it involves other people – often strangers – who may or may not be too thrilled with being on camera. Either situation has the potential to turn out to be a nightmare. Preparing for an interview by knowing what (and what not) to discuss, as well as making the interviewee as comfortable as possible are of utmost importance.

Personally, I think the most time-consuming and difficult facet of working with video is editing. You have to be creative, smooth, talented, and have a keen eye for detail. And on top of all that, you have to be fast. Unless you want to spend your entire life in the editing room. My personal advice for editing: Practice. Practice. Practice.

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  1. Prof. Thomas says:

    Great blog post, you hit all the right points!

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