The Language of New Media, Chapter Two

Chapter Two, The Interface, started out interestingly enough by discussing one of my favorite movies, Blade Runner. I remember seeing the movie with my brother Stan and discussing its relationship with Apple’s Macintosh computer (he is a Mac freak).

In this chapter, Manovich goes on to describe the computer interface in semiotic terms, as a vehicle, or “code”, that delivers cultural messages via multimedia. He delves into different theories and concepts involving new media design and new media art – something in which Apple is the industry leader.

Manovich also gets into what he calls “the language of cultural interfaces”, which addresses the ways users interact with their computers/devices. As with my law textbooks, I’m going to have to go back and read this stuff again. And as I said before: This guy is deep.

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2 Responses to The Language of New Media, Chapter Two

  1. Prof. Thomas says:

    There are so many interesting concepts addressed both directly and indirectly in the film “Blade Runner” and you can definitely see how Manovich would be interested in the film!
    Thanks for your insightful post, I’d love to hear more about your feelings on Apple.

  2. isomstan says:

    Bladerunner was a visionary work of its time, depicting (and predicting) how humans interact with technology in the future. Interestingly, Apple has led the way to how many of us now interact with our personal electronic devices in a manner not unlike the depictions of Bladerunner. — The Mac Freak

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